Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My ALA Adventure

Friday night dinner with Beach Lane buds at the sweetest place: Local Kitchen. We missed Allyn. 
I tried to get everybody to cry for the group shot so we could send Allyn a picture letting her know
how much we missed her, but people seem to resist crying for photos.

The book-signing was fantastic. The line never let up. When my time slot was 
over, all the books were gone! I was stunned and ecstatic until Kristin 
informed me that the books are free to the conference attendees as long as they 
stand in line for a signature. Then I was super-stunned. You mean I lost all that
sleep for naught? Still, what a blast.

Kristin had promised to buy two of my books if I could sneak her in to hear Sarah Vowell.
There was no need for me to sneak her in at all now, having discovered the books were free.
But she was adamant. Sarah Vowell is phenomenal! Her book-signing line was miles long,
and Sarah would sign a book and shoo her reader away, sign a book and shoo her reader away.
When Kristin stepped up, Sarah stopped to chat. I finally slunk up and laid my book on the table
as Kristin walked away but Sarah yelled after Kristin, continuing their conversation as she signed
my book and shooed me away.

The same-sex marriage ruling passed Friday and there
was a slight traffic jam on the way to the Simon & Schuster party
Saturday night honoring Ashley Brown.

Ashley led us in shouting, singing, and hugging. He brought his pal Nikki Giovanni along, too.

You aren't going to believe this. Somebody flaked out on the Newbery Caldecott Wilder
Awards banquet on Sunday night. When I was asked if I'd be interested in attending in her place,
I said yes immediately. And I then read the details. The banquet is a formal occasion. Again
my anxiety level shot through the ceiling but I dug my most formal baseball-style dress
out of the closet and zoomed over. Here I am with Sylvie. The people at my Simon & Schuster
table were the best, the food pretty good, the waiters surly, the speeches inspiring for the most part
––though Kwame's was beyond exhilarating.

Passing by the Caldwell Snyder Gallery on my way to meet Rubin for breakfast Monday morning.
Pancakes and eggs. We had such a fun meeting, planning and drawing on the white paper
tablecloth at Cafe de la Presse.

How many man-agents do you know who will stop into a shoe store with you on their way
to the airport? It looks like Rubin's trying to convince me to wear something other than
sneakers, but actually we're thinking of Allyn and wondering which Fluevog she'd prefer.
(The one on the right for sure.)