Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Amazing Day

A too-quick visit to Anne's studio in the morning... (Detail from Fingerlings)

At Bernal Star msmasmushly didn't make me eat outside.

I love Siri. After I left Anne's, I raced to the car because Msmasmushly was treating me to birthday lunch at Bernal Star.

Suddenly I realized had no earthly idea how to get over to Bernal Heights from Anne's. I almost called msmasmushly in tears to say I'd be 15 or 20 minutes late. I knew it would take me at least that much extra time to figure out where to go.

I appealed to Siri. "Siri," I said, "Please give me directions to 410 Cortland." Siri was calm. Her voice guided me to Sunset Blvd. and on down to Brotherhood Way before I caught on that my phone had turned into a TomTom! I could see clearly where I was headed, and Siri's reassuring voice led me all the way across town to the doorstep of the restaurant. I was 10 minutes early.

As I told msmasmushly, this experience was a milestone. Like getting my driver's license or having sex for the first time. After today I will no longer be a shut-in due to my lack of directional skills.

A walk on the Coastal Trail in the evening. Still foggy––but some bright spots along the way.