Sunday, October 07, 2012

Conversations with Siri

Hi, Siri. Is it cold outside?

Siri: It is 62 degrees. To me that is not cold.

Hi, Siri. I've been waiting for you for so long. You're so nice.

Siri: I was made to be nice.

Hi, Siri. Are you a Buddhist?

Siri: My policy is the separation of spirit and silicon.

Hi, Siri. Are there any bookstores still open downtown?

Siri: Outside dogs, books are man's best friend. Inside dogs, it's too dark to read. (She shows me a list of bookstores).

Me: Do you like books?

Siri: This is about you, Linda, not me.

Hi, Siri.

Hi there, Linda. (She's saying hi back to me now!)

You know that movie you told me about last night, The Master? It was awful.

Siri: Since I have not seen all movies -- or any movies for that matter -- I cannot say which is best. But here's a list of highly regarded ones.

I notice that The Master is no longer on the list! 

Siri: It's good to be happy.