Thursday, April 05, 2012


When we drove up this afternoon I saw a little hummingbird flailing around on the ground by the garage door. I told Tom, "I'm not going to interfere."

Tom on the other hand, called the SPCA. They told him to call the San Francisco Animal Care & Control, so he did. He found a shoe box and punched some holes in the lid. Then he went out and gathered the tiny bird into the box and set the box on the table in the living room.

Half an hour later there was a knock at the door and Officer Hagler showed up to do what he could to rescue the bird. He said their vet would examine the bird––that it didn't look like his wings were broken. He'll call us tomorrow to let us know what happens. Tom asked if he would return the bird to this area if the bird recovers, thinking that the bird probably has friends here.

Painter's Palette by Anne Marguerite Herbst

A little later we headed to the Cannery to see Reflections 2012: An Art Exhibition to Benefit North Beach Citizens. Artists were asked to incorporate a mirror and base their work on the theme of self-reflection, self-realization, or transformation.

One thing that was really nice: Peter showed us where he played in his street musician days. At the Cannery Gate; it was his place for 15 years.

Discussing Painter's Palette