Friday, April 13, 2012

Last 24 Hours: Three Funny Things

the storm last night / photo by Phil McGrew

I pick up my computer with its new hard drive. I set up the transfer and we take a walk in the drizzle. I get home, start downloading and updating software, and immediately lightning flashes! We rarely have thunderstorms here. Still, I'm so relieved to have my computer back that I just shut everything down and decide to try again tomorrow.

Not funny: I lost 6 months of data because I unplugged my backup drive when I moved my computer into the other room and neglected to plug my drive back in. Time Machine: Use it or lose it.

Another photo today from Allyn, my editor, of a table in her office. It is odd that we both have this compulsion to pick up glass, is it not?

from dinner: not sure I can vouch for the wine, but the copy is great.