Monday, August 23, 2010

I found this glass and the heart full of holes on our walk today.

Has anyone seen I Am Love (Tilda Swinton)? What did you think of it?

Before we left for our walk, I e-mailed Jean. I asked her about something she had said at lunch:

Why do you think it is that we have to write in order to know what we're thinking? You said that and I think it's true. Talking works, too, sometimes, but why doesn't just THINKING work?

She replied:

maybe cuz:  thinking isnt necessarily organized----but writing is.  writing is, in fact, organized thinking.  organized so that others can read it and understand your thinking.  grammar itself--as in just using a period to end a sentence, to, in fact, DECIDE when a sentence is ended---is the ultimate organizing tool.  also, the physical act of putting fingers on keys must produce some kind of synaptic whatever.  talking is good, but then you need someone to talk to.  writing is best.  writing does not reveal thinking instantaneously.  it comes--sometimes---as an accidental part of the process.   writing is very emotional. maybe the silence of it helps.   thinking doesnt work because we keep running the old toxic tapes in our heads, it is circular and useless. unless one is einstein i guess.