Sunday, June 20, 2010

Farmers' Market: The Truth Comes Out

This is my favorite booth at the farmers' market: Pepples Organic Donuts. I had the salt caramel one.

And this is what I came home from the farmers' market with: some sprinkles, a jar of agave nectar, a brand new bag, 3 scarves, and 2 lights. It's probably not a good idea for me to go to the farmers' market at the Ferry Building anymore, though the lights didn't come from the farmers' market per se.

The true reason I went to the farmers' market is lighting. My studio is bright during the day but at night, the light comes from a garish ceiling fixture, so I just end up working (and playing) on the computer in the dark.

I've been wondering why I haven't read a book in years. Could it really be that the computer has turned my brain to mush? I've decided it's because we don't have lights to read by in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, or bathroom. So when Tom suggested we hit some lighting places and reminded me that four of them were near the farmers' market, I jumped out of bed. Especially when he suggested Limn–because we all know Primo Patio (lunch) is right next door.

So after hitting Limn, Artemide, City Lights, and Bay Lighting, we continued on to Home Depot where I spent $14.98 on a construction lamp (very bright halogen) instead of a $1,400 lamp from Limn. Isn't it handsome? It floods the room with just enough light at night, and of course I bounce it off a wall so that the light is indirect. To me, halogen is the most beautiful light.

The woman at Artemide let me take the tiny orange desk lamp home to try out on my desk, and is it ever nice. Maybe for a bedside lamp too. It comes in great colors–I would probably go for the sick green.