Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And Then There Were Three

When we got back from Pt. Reyes, look what was waiting on the front porch. My first bound copy of the Christmas counting book (below), and the f&gs for the Easter counting book.

F&gs: that stands for "folded and gathered." It's basically a big sheet off the press that contains the whole book. It hasn't been bound yet. If you see anything that looks really off, you can change it at this point.

I realized that I should have added a pattern of some sort to the light yellow "spine" on the cover of the Easter book. The xmas book has the candy cane stripe and the Halloween book has the 10 blocks of color. When you see them all together, the Easter book looks plain.

One thing that I thought was hilarious: I sent 2 different background colors for the end papers. I thought they would choose the color they liked best and use it for both the front and the back of the book. Instead, they used the violet for the front of the book, and the light green for the back of the book. (I think it looks great!)