Sunday, January 17, 2010

Underwear Club

I know you're not supposed to hang your underwear out in public so I'm displaying it on the kitchen table (and backwards, so as to avoid frontal exposure). I'm delighted with my collection! (Thank you, Barbara and Carla and Leontien.)

My 7th pair of Björn Borgs came in the mail this week, and finally Barbara paid attention to me when I insisted that I needed size large. (See new pair on top, size large).

Over the past year I've collected a pair for every day of the week, and I can have one fat day a week. (That's today, by the way.)

We've decided to start the Underwear Club. Let us know if you'd like to join! And right now Björn Borg is having a great sale, if you can get his web site to work.

This just in from Barbara:

From: Barbara
Date: January 18, 2010 5:37:35 AM PST
Subject: RE: Underwear Club
To: Linda

Leenda, we should do a contest with BB underwear!!

This is a beautiful photo!!!!!!
How would the contest work?
Oh, this is so gorgeous, should I publish yours on the blog too????

Leenda, Larry took the photo, I arranged it, but I can't take any credit for the photo. You can publish it on your blog.

Contest could be the most original photo? Any thoughts?

Larry came up with that idea for the contest, didn't he.