Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another Break

It happened again yesterday! About 5:00 it stopped raining. So I sighed a big sigh and hit the beach. I took the car and put a big towel in the front seat in case the El Niño changed his mind and started dumping buckets again.

I jogged down to the end of the dunes. I ran into Peter and Anne and Carmen going the other way. It got dark. Debris covered the beach, so I jogged slowly and carefully back. It's a strange and beautiful feeling to be on the beach in the evening and not see anyone else (but to know that your good friends are up there somewhere near Seal Rock by now).

When I was just about back to Balboa Street where I park, it began to rain again. Perfect timing! I love it when this happens and I can trick El Niño and sneak a walk in between storms.

Today it's bright and sunny. I'm tired of exercising. I'm excited because I made some earrings this morning using an old necklace that I love but never wear. I'm holding the ravaged necklace and wearing the new earrings and snapping a picture using Photo Booth. If you have any necklaces you'd like me to make earrings out of–especially diamond necklaces–send them on.