Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Break

A perfect evening is when it's been storming all day and then around 5:00 it clears up for an hour or two. It's freezing and the wind is blowing like crazy. Your gloves are in the car and the car isn't around, so you grab the pair of your mom's black Isotoners you saved in your drawer. You walk outside and Rosalie shouts: "You're brave! Don't walk under any trees!" You walk three blocks down to the beach. You jog down to the end of the dunes against the wind, and then you jog back with the wind pushing you. You arrive home with a slight headache. The fun part is then changing into dry clothes and having a bloody mary while looking at the photos you took. Then gorging on the soup Tom made along with the salmon that John brought over–both microwaved together to make one easy dish. Along with your dinner-in-a-bowl you have a saucer of Trader Joe's Oriental Rice Crackers mixed with salted peanuts and m&m's. You sit at the computer for a little while, then take a hot shower and go to bed under a down comforter, a wool blanket, and an old down sleeping bag. You're happy for one whole evening.