Thursday, March 26, 2009

Quasi at the Cathedral

Quasi's in this month's frieze magazine!

Emily Wardill is writing about movies that have made a big impression on her: Cartoons lead me to Sally Cruikshank's animated film Quasi at the Quackadero ... The characters' chewy voices emerge from felt pen on soft paper, broken up in hallucinogenic timing like the black outlines in the same way the windows at Lichfield Cathedral break the human figure up into jarring combinations ...

Important facts about the stained glass artist: Charles Eamer Kempe wanted to be a priest. But he had such a severe stammer that he decided to make stained glass windows instead of preaching. He was a shy person and had a dog named Nora.

Important facts about the animator: Sally Cruikshank doesn't even go to church. She goes to the racetrack instead. She can talk like Mae West. She has a dog named Molly.