Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Assiduous and Fun

I found this on the beach this evening and stopped to take a picture. I jogged on thinking, "Is this perfect or what! Here it is, St. Patrick's Day, and I find a 4-leaf clover on the beach! And it's something Sally really needs, in the midst of her computer catastrophe–so I'm going to send her the photo soon as I get home!"

Then I got home and downloaded the photo and realized it was only a 3-leaf clover. Sorry, Sally.

I was feeling down today. I'm going to TN on Thursday and it's not always a barrel of monkeys if you know what I mean. So now I'll tell you something really nice that happened, just to make myself feel better.

Last night my writing partner told me: "It's terrific having a partner that is both assiduous and fun." He was talking about me. I had to look up "assiduous." It means: diligent, careful, meticulous, thorough.

This was a wonderful compliment. One reason it meant so much to me was because I lost my best friend ten years ago. And since then I've thought a lot about what I want in a friend. Not that I thought I could have it! My friend didn't die. We lost each other due to unskillful means. Around the same time we lost each other, I lost my nature.

I began thinking about what I wanted in a friend and came to the conclusion that what I wanted was somebody who was both wild and dependable. Fun and steady. I wasn't sure that was a possibility. I'm happy to say that it is. (Thank you, friends, for materializing.) And you can see why it gave me so much pleasure to read that somebody thought of me as being both assiduous and fun.

Another thing that makes me feel better is this: Guess who my writing partner is this week?