Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Dinner With Me

Last night I decided to prepare a special holiday dinner for me, myself and I. Before I went out for my walk I took a chance. I plugged in the Christmas lights which were still in a wad by the table. Maybe the house would catch on fire, but it would be worth it in case it didn't and I could walk back in in the dark and be surprised by the lights.

The jog was great. It was cold and windy. I listened to my Beatles Pandora station. I ran into Anne and Peter. I filled my pockets with stones and glass.

I got back and was greeted by a twinkling pile of lights, and no smoke from house fire.

I had planned my mostly-Trader Joe menu before I left:


$5.95 bottle of Prosecco Sparking Wine


One of John's chocolate chip cookies

One Trader Joe's The Art of Chocolate/A selection of beautifully crafted Belgian miniatures (keep going until I get to the peanut butter one)

One ginger snap left behind by Tom (Perfect for Those with Glutin Sensitivity)

Small bowl of candy coated chocolate covered sunflower seeds for good health

One dark chocolate covered Espresso Bean

Main Course

One Trader Joe's Maryland Style Crab cake on toasted bun with tartar sauce and Romaine lettuce

10 Baby carrots, pre-peeled


Small slab Gethsemani Trappist Kentucky Bourbon Chocolate Fudge

Leftover coffee from breakfast


Yo-Yo Ma / Songs of Joy and Peace

The only problem: I discovered the crab cakes were supposed to have thawed for 24 hours before cooking–and they were frozen solid. So I was forced to change the menu midstream to Trader Joe's Authentic New Mexican Chicken Chile Verde over rice. But still I would call the evening a resounding success. So much so that I wasn't even able write about it until this morning.