Sunday, December 07, 2008

House and Garden

That's our garden. It's December and we're ready to plant. We can't seem to keep track of the seasons here.

Gardening isn't my specialty. I went to Three Bees Garden Center to look at plants. Someone mentioned elephant thyme and I liked the sound of that; I realized later they had said elfen thyme. I'm wondering about starting with a base of elfen thyme. Though I think the dirt itself looks very neat.

Note to Amy Tan: In the book The Bonesetter's Daughter, the mother LuLing lives in the Richmond District, where my house and garden is. Not the Sunset. The Sunset is south of Golden Gate Park. This error upset me and I had to stop reading the book for a few days. But I'm back to it now. I enjoy reading about places I know: I had sea cucumber at Fountain Court when we first moved here; and today I was at Green Apple Annex, where Fia and Dory run out to buy a CD.