Monday, September 08, 2008

Thank You, Luci.

Just delivered. All 362 of them. Plus a bag of Kopiko! (my favorite coffee candy.)

Magnificent Collections

My idea is to do a series of photos of things kids can collect, no matter how much or little their allowance is. Buttons, bottle caps, rings, pebbles, sea shells, rubber bands, marbles, stamps, paper clips, beads, sea glass, charms, rubber bugs, rhinestones, wire, string ... even things that may not last long: tiny leaves, flower petals, feathers ...

I used to collect all these things with a passion. For the past twenty years I've taken pride in not collecting things. Except for sea glass. The project is not only to inspire kids to collect things or to inspire people to see ordinary objects in a new light. I'm afraid it's an excuse for me to start collecting again. And an excuse to take photographs!

Any ideas for things I might photograph for this project?

note from Luci:
I was reading the news, everything was so bleak, and I could not help feeling scared. I read Peony in Love and was haunted by the aching love story. I watched Au Revoir les Enfants and felt so, so sad. But, seeing you and Christer collecting ordinary stuffs but with a sweet dreamlike goal ... makes me happy. I somehow feel comforted that something simple, something engaging is still going on. And that makes life lovely.