Sunday, May 25, 2008

Big Happiness

When we were returning our key at the lodge Thursday I saw this in the shop. Have you seen these? They're called Taxi wallets, and I've wanted one for years. And I discovered one in sick green, my favorite color.

But then I found out they were $50, so I jumped into the giant mini-van and we headed for home. Every few miles though, I would wonder: Have we gone too far to turn around and go back for the wallet?

When we got home, I had a birthday check for $50 in the mail from Tom's dad and Norma. Immediately I called the lodge and asked them to mail me the wallet. Since the lodge is right beside the post office, the wallet came the very next day.

It's a little thing that brings me big happiness. When I was a kid and got a new pair of shoes I would be so thrilled that I'd place the shoes right beside my bed at night so I could lie in bed and stare at them. To be honest, I still do that when I get a new pair of shoes.

I feel the same way about my new wallet. I put it by the bed last night so I could examine it before I went to sleep, and see it first thing this morning. Do you ever act this way?