Sunday, December 02, 2007

Under the Table with Carmen

Three months ago I posted a sad question:
Say you had a beloved dog and that you had lived with your dog for fourteen years. You walked with your dog for an hour or two every day, you worked with your dog lying beside you, you cooked nice things for your dog sometimes, you slept near your dog. Then your dog died. What's the best thing a friend could do to bring you comfort? Would it be possible for a friend to bring you comfort?

Three weeks ago my friend adopted another dog. This dog had just had puppies and basically had been abandoned when her owner's mortgage was foreclosed on. Carmen and her new parents came over for dinner last night. Carmen's gained about 15 pounds since we saw her a couple of weeks ago. Anne, on the other hand, was wearing a new pair of jeans, size 0. (zero.)

Everyone was happy.

Carmen's puppies found new homes too, and so did her boyfriend.