Saturday, December 15, 2007

Juno / Sundance / Boots

This evening I decided I had to try out the Sundance Kabuki Cinema. Its grand opening was last night. I chose to see Juno. To get the full experience, I ordered my ticket and reserved my seat online. (Single aisle seat off by itself–typical–last row.) Being that there were only 57 seats in this particular theater, it turned out to be a great seat. With its own little table.

There's a bar in the theater (above photo). You can order drinks–and dinner, too, if you'd like–and sit up in the balcony to watch your movie. From my photo it looks like I ordered a number of drinks, but actually I didn't even have one. I already had my doubts about ever relocating the Ford Nebulous after the movie.

The desserts sound wonderful, but since I'm drawn to salt and fats even more than sugar, I thought I would share the cheese plate menu with you:

MOUNT TAM, Cowgirl Creamery – smooth, elegant, organic triple cream
RED HAWK, Cowgirl Creamery – fully flavored triple cream aged 6 weeks
CROCODILE TIER, Prather Farm – deep and tangy goat cheese
HARD CHÈVRE, Harley Farms – fresh, tangy, bright lemony notes, earthy finish
POINT REYES BLUE, Point Reyes Farmstead – classic California handcrafted blue
MANCHEGO, Spain – sheep milk cheese aged 6 months
MONTGOMERY’S CHEDDAR, England – sharp and fruity hard cheese aged 14 months
GORGONZOLA DOLCE, Italy – rich, spicy, cave aged 3 months

I recommend the movie. It's engaging and refreshing and loving, with fun music throughout.

Last but not least: Imagine how I felt walking into the Sundance Theater wearing my new boots.