Sunday, December 16, 2007

Everyday Life

This picture is a non-photo, snapped this morning just to make sure my camera was still working.
Page 1, today's San Francisco Chronicle:
Moments pass in silence. As the sunset deepens, she turns to the window, gazing out. "You know, I miss shopping, and cooking, and eating, and cleaning up," she pauses. "And shopping again."

–Diane Middlebrook at Cal. Pacific Medical Center two weeks before she died of cancer, in an interview with Heidi Benson. Diane Middlebrook wrote Anne Sexton: A Biography and Her Husband: Hughes and Plath, a Marriage.

I'm lucky for sure, but I like my everyday life so much more than holiday life or travel life or lots of times even vacation life. I understood what Middlebrook meant when she listed the things she missed. Those things really touched me, even though I usually will do anything to get out of shopping, cooking, and cleaning up. Not anytime soon I hope–but the things I'll miss will be making coffee, watching photos as they download one by one, going for a jog, putting on my new boots that are soft and warm. What about you?