Sunday, August 12, 2007

Living on the Edge

After the earthquake at Sally's house last Wednesday, Katy said to her:
Do you ever want to move to more solid ground? 4:12 PM

To which Sally replied:
It's cruel and embarrassing to admit, but earthquakes can be very exciting.
My big disaster fears when I was a kid were: 1. Tidal Waves (in central New Jersey) 2. Tornados There was a painting in an old World Book Encyclopedia, probably W.P.A. era, that I used to torment myself by looking at it. It was so darned scary. One of those pulled both ways things you do to yourself as a kid. "I can't look, I can't look, oh my gosh look at that big black tornado." 6:07 PM

After our walk on the beach today, I looked up and saw this sign. Not only do Tom and I live in earthquake territory, but we live in tsunami territory, too! Train wrecks never did it for me. It's always been tsunamis. I dream about them frequently. Walking home I try to gauge how many feet above sea level our house is.

And as if that isn't enough ... when it's too windy to walk on the beach, often we hit the Coastal Trail. Get a load of the sign that greets us at our halfway mark: