Friday, October 06, 2006

He Called Her Sweetie

© Linda Davick

Tom has known Eric and Deb for 35 years. They were in a group of friends at College #1 in Virginia. (Tom and I met at College #2.) Both Eric and Deb have visited us over the years, and we have visited them. But separately. Because Eric lived in Charleston and Deb in Boston. Last year Eric got an idea. He sold his house and moved all his stuff to Boston. Into Deb's house.

We had never been with them as a couple. Imagine how it felt to hear Eric call Deb "Sweetie" in the lobby of the Tuscan Inn. And then, examining the back of Eric's nano, to have my eye fall on the engraving: Happy Birthday, Sweetie–Love, Deb

Back home in the kitchen, I told Deb how fun it was to see them together. She said, "Oh yes. It's very nice. I feel like the cat who's swallowed the canary."

In the car on the way to the airport, I heard Eric say, "We should put those bulbs in the ground this weekend." I asked what kind–(mostly tulips). Then what color–(many colors and different types). And some narcissus for the front yard. Then a mile or so later: "We need to get those storm windows in place." Deb said, "I can wash them!" Listening to them plan this work made it sound like they were embarking on greatest weekend adventure one could possibly imagine.

It was obvious that both cats had swallowed canaries.