Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Cooking Class For Me

© Linda Davick

Subject: could you solve a mystery??
Date: October 18, 2006 7:00:44 AM PDT
To: Linda Davick

Dear Ms. Davick,

I am a child care provider for the best people in the world—TEACHERS!! But, we adults are stumped. In the book, 10 Trick or Treaters, there is an illustration in the back. My children have figured out roughly what many of the candies are supposed to be…gummy worms, candy corn, Smarties, etc. But what in the heck are the white things with the yellow dots (#8)???? Ben thinks it is an egg, Kylie—it’s a muffin, Quinn has decided it is a M and M cookie—with only one M and M, and Aidan thinks it is a flat cupcake!!! The grown-ups haven’t a clue….we are wondering if it is a regional treat that we, mid-Westerners, are not aware of.

Can you give us any clues??

Thank you,
Alice Offerman and her “Angels”
Waukesha, WI

Dear Ms. Offerman,
Luckily, you have a culinary genius in your class–Quinn, that is.

I meant for it to be a cookie with a piece of candy on top. But obviously it wasn't baked long enough, so it does look kind of like an egg, as Ben suggested. Wouldn't it be awful to get an egg in your bag on Halloween? And also, the more I look at it, the more it resembles one of my muffins. (My muffins tend not to rise). So maybe Kylie is right, too.

Please tell the class that I promise to sign up for drawing lessons, and cooking lessons, so my next book won't be so confusing!

Thanks for writing,

Subject: Thanks for letting us know!!
Date: October 18, 2006 11:56:48 AM PDT
To: Linda Davick

Quinn must have “known” what you were drawing, because great writers and great illustrators stick together!! Our Quinn-ster is in first grade and a prolific writer. (He is reading at about a mid-third grade level and devours any “chapter book” he can get his hands on!!)

The idea that he was right will make Quinn’s day. He is ever so slightly nervous about his tonsil/adenoid surgery, tomorrow---and this will give him something else to think about.

If you are ever in Waukesha—feel free to come and join our Friday cooking sessions. We have 3 three year olds and a 21 month old cooking successfully—so a grown up should be no problem. You do have to promise to wash your hands and wait your turn, though!

Have a wonderful day and thanks, again.