Thursday, December 19, 2013

TIAPOS Christmas Party

Some enchanted evening. I finally got to meet Suzy Parker, for one thing. The food was another thing––the food and wine. I brought Tom; Mary Ann brought Husbando; Hedi brought Carlos, who brought tons of food from his Peruvian restaurant, Eric brought Leah, and I met Barb for the first time. (It was wild, meeting the TIAPOSian partners.) We read our holiday rants and laughed ourselves silly. The clap-o-meter had to be repaired after Randy read––and after Jane's rant it went through the ceiling.

Jane and Suzy. Suzy is wearing a sweater from Mrs. Scott.


DAK said...

That's a nice photo of Jane and Suzy. I remember meeting Mrs. Scott several times. She was the voice of rationality and always stood near the food.

Linda Davick said...

DAK, thanks so much to you and Barb for the wonderful evening.

Ha, ha (Mrs. Scott). Aside from being the voice of rationality, I'm a lot like her.