Tuesday, December 17, 2013

East West Literary Agency

A card I did for my literary agency starring Pete the Cat and Llama Llama, who have been on the NYTimes best seller list for years. That's me on the piano, so be sure to turn on your sound.


Nina said...

I love the missed notes! This is a great card. I showed it to Anne, and she was quite excited to see both Llama Llama and Pete the Cat! Hope you're enjoying the holidays!

booda baby said...


Linda Davick said...

Nina, hi. It's great to see you.
WHAT???!! I hope you're not criticizing my piano skills.
Such a fun message about Anne!

Booda, THANK YOU! Wondering what kind of animation you're doing???

stray said...

Love this. What software did you use to animate it?

Linda Davick said...

Thanks, Stray! I used Flash, and then exported it as a .mov