Thursday, May 17, 2007

7 Things About Me You May Not Want to Know

from left: Jerri Blank (Strangers With Candy), Quasi (Quasi at the Quackadero)

I've been tagged by Luci to tell 7 things about myself that others may not know.

I wear a NightGuard when I sleep. One of my favorite things to do is to put it in and impersonate characters from my favorite movies.

2. I've collected 300+ pounds of beach glass from walks on Ocean Beach.

3. I have phone phobia, though it helps to wear my NightGuard when talking on the phone.

. My favorite breakfast is leftover pizza with black coffee.

. My mom taught piano. She wanted desperately
to teach me. We made deals. If I got through a book, I would get to choose a reward from the Sears catalog. I finished one book. I chose an army suit.

. I love sewn-on badges and stickers of all kinds. That's one reason I wanted the army suit. I joined the Girl Scouts so I could collect all those badges on the sash. But it took way too long to earn the badges, so I quit.

7. Method cleaning products turn me on. Especially the old bowling pin-shaped dish detergent bottle that never worked properly. Now that it's been discontinued, I'd do anything to see it again. Wait a minute! It hasn't been discontinued! You can order it online even!