Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Hero

from my notes: "Writing creates thought; it's not the other way around."
Joanne Rocklin!

Today Deb and I drove up to Marin to hear her speak.

Eleven years ago I illustrated my first book. (That Halloween book up there on the right.) Were there other Halloween books out there, I wondered? What were they like?

I combed the bookstores and discovered a book called This Book Is Haunted. The illustrations were by another "Joanne"––JoAnn Adinolfi, and they were terrific. I bought the book and took it home to study the pictures.

I never thought I'd actually read the book, but when I did I flipped. In case you haven't guessed by now, the words are by Joanne Rocklin. The stories are hilarious and a little bit bad. Bad in the best way. Baby Bibble, for instance––what happens to her is shocking.

I loved the book then and I love it now. And today I had the great pleasure of meeting Joanne in person. Fleabrain Loves Franny is her latest book.