Saturday, September 20, 2014


I love what Barbara did with the color. (It is not really this blurry!)
Barbara got it first. The new iPhone, that is. I begged her to send me a report once she'd had a chance to spend a little time with it:


I've got an iPhone report:

1. Love the screen size (i have the smaller one)

2. Love, love the screen resolution

3. Like the old phone's angular look better though!

4. In need of a new case

I went through a lot of stuff you had sent us but then I was thinking that I just so LOVE your migration design that I want to use it again. I changed the color, what do you think??

I asked her why she had chosen the smaller model. And I almost forgot to ask the most important question: What about the camera? Is it better than the one on the old phone? Her reply:

The big iphone is too big for my pocket.
Amazingly enough I only took 1 peeture. Looks very sharp.

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