Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The Scraps Book

The most wonderful present from my editor, Allyn, who works with Lois Ehlert: The Scraps Book will be released on March 4.

Lois loves color. And spots. And dots. And cats and charms and leaves and all kinds of crazy things she finds when she's out walking around.

There are 35 of Lois's books pictured on the last few pages. She's borrowed scraps from almost every one of them in making the book above. When I asked Allyn how many of those books she herself had worked on with Lois, she said 25!

p.s. The first design job I had was with a company in Knoxville, Tennessee called handprints. Can you believe it? They had hired Lois to illustrate all the animals for signage at the Knoxville Zoo. The signs were wonderful and when people asked me what kind of work my company did I would always say, "The signs at the zoo" before anything else.