Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Our Pal Sal

She came back! Pat's here for the Apple Developers Conference, so I got to have pizza with Sal yesterday. She knows the city better than I do, and where all the good shoes stores are.

I took a picture I'd been working on to show her and she gave me an incredibly helpful critique. She could tell at a glance which of the two characters in the drawing were the ones nearest and dearest to my heart. She wondered if the line weights should vary; she wondered if the lines should break in places; she wondered if I should let some white show through between the line and fills. She reminded me of what Milton Glaser had said about how the time allotted to a project produces a certain expectation of how refined a design should be.

Then I remembered: "Duh! She recently got her MFA from the Hartford Illustration Program." Why haven't I shoved my pictures under her nose before?