Sunday, December 16, 2012

Prompt: The Round Robin

Most of us are in the kitchen mixing mimosas and loading plates

The Round Robin is swell. I love it. But it's hard sometimes. You're always having to look up big words that your partners use.

And some of those partners. Come on, now. Some of them write for hours instead of 10 minutes. And come on, now. Others write on their … oh never mind. I love my cel phone more than life itself.

I like the room we meet in at the end. It's cozy. The food people bring is scrumptious. One girl, Shannon, zoomed in on her motorcycle with a couple bottles of Champagne. Jane always has good coffee (today it was Peet's Major Dickason's) and she always has lots of half & half.

This group was hands down the worst ever, and I played a major role. I forgot to respond to my first partner's first piece if you can believe that.

But even so, today was one of the best final meetings I can remember. For one thing, we stood around the food table for a long time before we sat down. And Shannon actually found some champagne glasses up in the cabinets! In the past we've had to drink it out of coffee cups.

In the final analysis, the Round Robin is one of the best things that's ever happened to me.