Monday, November 19, 2012

Today's Prompt

Today's prompt isn't a word––it's the photo above, by Jane Underwood.

My head's been hurting for months.

This morning when Dr. Naraghi clipped my MRI* up on the light window, I caught his expression of shock before he could mask it.

"Doc, what's wrong?"

"This is … interesting. Our imaging equipment uses a gray scale, which means this image of your brain shouldn't be registering color at all. Especially being that the brain is made up of gray matter."

"But I'm an artist. I love color. I'm working on a job right now where the illustrations need to be in black and white. And I'm finding it impossible to do them in black and white. Even though the ink I'm using is black, color keeps flooding out of my pen. Is there a correlation, do you think?"

*see image above

p.s. I had a text from a good friend this morning asking me if I had really been having headaches for months, so I wanted to explain that the prompts are from a class I take called the Round Robin, given by the Writing Salon. Every day we get a prompt, and we write for 10-12 minutes. Then we exchange our writing with our partner-of-the-week, and spend 10 minutes commenting in a positive way on our partner's writing. It's a magnificent class! Sometimes we write things that are true, and other times we make things up, sometimes we write poems--whatever the prompt inspires.