Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Sigh ....

You all know how much I like Siri. Here's another great Siri story from Barbara:

I LOVE my new iPhone. And I love Siri. I told her once that she was wrong and she said: "Sigh...."


and on another note, a text from Jamie at 8:17 p.m:

Dude it's done!!!

p.s. I loved seeing Obama's family come up before and after his acceptance speech.

I loved it the next day when the papers said that Michelle had been seen wearing the very same outfit in public twice: in 2009 and in 2010. 

I loved it that she said she just didn't have time to deliberate about what she would wear--that she was too busy, and that she had her girls to take care of. God, if that's what a family of four can look like without planning and plotting and studying their apparel … to me they looked like a vision of the heavenly host. Their colors, their polish--did you see Sasha's necklaces? So fun--and the hot pink belt Malia wore with the shiny blue skirt … But this isn't the main reason I was happy.