Saturday, May 05, 2012

Today's Prompt: Faster, faster!

Do you have
10 minutes free
To write down
Your biography?

Potomac River
I was four
I only have
9 minutes more.

Paste and peanuts
Things I ate
The timer's racing
Past the 8.

Hate my freckles
Hate my chest
I have 7
Minutes left.

Shells and sea glass
Stones and sticks
The minute hand
Is on the 6.

Faster, faster!
Hurry please
Pretzels and
Pimento cheese.

Goodbye David
Tom, hello
5 more minutes
Left to go.

Friendship's harder
Than I thought.
4 more minutes
On the dot.

A therapist
Took care of me.
Now I'm down
To barely 3.

A window
With a pretty view.
How much time left?
Only 2.

Cashmere sweater
Sticky bun
Faster, faster!
Only 1.

Computer crash
File corrupt.
Hope you're happy
Time is up.