Sunday, December 04, 2011

The Joy of Socks

New socks! And earbuds. (Alongside the past week's collection of sea glass.)

Remember those track lights from Home Despot? The ones that almost drove us to check into the insane asylum? We returned them today and got a refund. We took the money and ran across the parking lot to TJ Maxx and bought socks and new ear buds – and white elephants for Emmy's party. I hadn't partaken of a shopping mall-type experience in so long, it was simply exhilarating. Holiday music. I was daffy with happiness.

I also bought new running shoes and some tights, but later I came to my senses and returned them. The shoes were just too unsightly, even though they felt good. It was the opposite story with the tights. They looked great but after I left the store and pulled them out to admire them and I realized they had control tops. I was afraid that if I was able to get into them that they'd get stuck on me and I'd never get them back off.

I just found out I get to be a substitute for the Writing Salon's Round Robin all week this coming week. I've really missed that class so I'm looking forward to it.