Friday, December 09, 2011

Help! The Moon Got Stuck in the Windmill

4:56 p.m

Write about a ritual (today's prompt)

A ritual I love is this: About a half hour before the sun goes down, I stop working and put some sunblock on my face just in case a ray of sun might hit it.

Then I change into my grungy pants with big pockets and put on an Eddie Bauer hooded under-thingie.

I comb my hair back and put on my baseball cap. (Light yellow for now.) A disgustingly filthy 6-year-old light wt. down jacket goes on next. Sunglasses?

I grab my shoe bag and an extra pair of light wt. wool socks because my shoes are too big. Then I turn on the porch light, lock the door, and drive down to Taraval. That way, during the first half of my walk the sun will be behind me, and when I'm coming back it will already have set – but there will be plenty of light still left to walk. In other words, I won't ever have to be walking directly into the sun.

I park down by the rest room. I pull off my UGGS and change into my filthy running shoes. I plug my earbuds into my phone and set Pandora to the Beatles and hit the beach. The best treasures (glass, shells, rock) are down this way. I walk north to the Beach Chalet, then turn around and come back. Tonight the moon was full. (In fact, it was so full it got stuck in the windmill.) It was almost dark by the time I got back to Taraval.