Thursday, October 06, 2011

Delicious, Messy

Gina took me to Limon to celebrate two books being accepted for publication. It looks like I'll be a published writer for 5-year-olds! Gina's already a published writer, though her readers are a little older.

After a delicious and messy dinner, I made Gina accompany me to the opening at Creativity Explored (above), where I almost fell over in the middle of our photograph.

the cover: a detail from One, Two, Tin by John Patrick McKenzie
© 2010 Creativity Explored / permanent marker on laminate

Here's something I bought at the show that I love: a book made out of recycled paper. An oversized postcard from a recent opening at the gallery is folded in half and stapled to make the cover. It was $5.00 and they have more if you'd like to buy a whole truckload.