Saturday, December 25, 2010

True Grit: Caen and Coen

Items are my game. Items are stories boiled down down to the bone. Some are pseudo-stories, the shorter the better. Somebody said something to somebody that sounded funny at the time.

San Francisco, a small, well-crafted item, rare, expensive, sparkling, depressing. A city you can wear on your charm bracelet or around your neck. A pet of a city that will turn on you without warning. Housebroken but not tamed ...

Life is a bad item, short but pointless. You stand at the bar and play liar's dice with fate. It's the San Francisco way. You might win, and even if you lose, the scenery's great and the weather isn't too bad.
-Herb Caen, November 26, 1989

My Herb Caen book begged to be taken to Christmas brunch along with my fake furry vest and rubber bracelets. Tom came too!

In the evening Tom wanted to go see the Coen Brothers' new movie, True Grit. I like the Coens a lot but just couldn't get excited about going to a cowboy movie. It wasn't so bad. In fact, I enjoyed it. Seeing a movie on the big screen is a totally different experience for me than seeing it on the computer. The popcorn was B minus–but the scenery was great.