Saturday, December 04, 2010

Prompt: Fur

Yesterday Tom had to go look at a job that's down the street from Ross Dress for Less. So he said, "Hey, I could drop you off at Ross while I'm looking at this job–it should only take 5 minutes–and then we can go on to Cole Valley Hardware and pick out our Christmas tree."

It was a work day but I couldn't resist. I crossed Geary and rode up the escalator to Ross. I looked at socks and tights (none), watches (a great big orange one), shoes (none, except in the men's department). I wandered over to the closeout rack. A big fake furry vest jumped out at me. It was light yellow-brown. It wasn't just furry, it was kind of matted-furry. $20. I grabbed it and found a mirror. I took off my coat and put the matted fur vest on over my black long sleeve t-shirt. It seemed a little shapeless. I found two hooks in front and fastened them, but I wasn't sure.

There was only one vest. I put it back thinking I would come back and give it a second look. I wandered over to the kitchen area (nothing) and the exercise equipment/yoga mat area. Did you know a yoga mat can make a great kitchen rug in front of the sink to cover up where your wooden floor needs to be refinished?

Then my phone rang. It was Tom. I ran down the escalator and met him at the car and we went to pick out a Christmas tree.

I told him about the matted-fur vest. He offered to go look at it with me on our way home. But it was freezing and way past my lunch time so we came home.

I thought about the vest. It might be the perfect thing to wear to the rock and roll art party for old rock and rollers. It's big and shapeless, but maybe that's a good thing if it's worn over a black dress that is suddenly too tight. I could dye the vest aqua and maybe it would become even more matted.

This afternoon Tom was having a football nap. I went for a walk on the beach a little after 4:00. When I got there I realized I had left my cell phone and camera at home. I had been trying to be very quiet so I wouldn't wake Tom. I had been concentrating on finding my driver's license and credit card just in case I decided to stop at Safeway on the way home and get some spinach. But really, in the very back of my mind I was thinking about stopping by Ross to buy the matted fur vest.

But since I didn't have my phone, I couldn't do those things. Tom would worry if he couldn't call me. I had been out a long time and it was already dark.

Maybe I'll go tomorrow and wear the dress so I can try the matted furry vest on on top of it. If the matted furry vest is gone I'll be disappointed. But if it is still there, will that mean it's a poor purchase choice–that nobody even would consider buying it except for me?