Saturday, July 03, 2010

Found Objects and Maira Kalman

We made it to the Contemporary Jewish Museum this afternoon to see Maira Kalman's work. I love her paintings. Her writing, too. And the fabrics she's designed, which I didn't know about. 

You know that Tibor Kalman was her husband and partner (M&Co.), right? I had an M&Co. watch with a big plain white face before I knew about Maira and her paintings. When the watch completely fell apart, I ordered another one just like it. The day I ordered the replacement, Tom sent me a neon green rubber watch, so I gave the new M&Co. watch to Aggles.

Here's what Maira has to say about found objects:

Can you say something about found objects and how they inspire you?

First of all a found object is free. And that is always exhilarating. It was waiting for you and you took it. It had a life and now the life continues. You may pass it on to someone. Or forget it for years and then refind it in a box. It is mysterious and yet tells a story.

(that's from an interview with Lori Pickert)