Saturday, May 15, 2010

So Marin

I feel really strange, in a good way. I haven't been at my computer all day. Today we went on a home tour of 5 "green" homes in Marin. It was more than fun. Across the street from one of the homes this kid had set up–not a lemonade stand–but a CHAMPAGNE STAND and was selling glasses of champagne for $3.00. Yep, that's Marin for you.

The tour was terrific. My favorite home was the one by Daniel Liebermann, who apprenticed with Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesen West. It had the best feeling, and it's only 1,000 sq. ft.–a little smaller than the house we live in. Daniel Liebermann is now 80, and was sitting out on the front steps leading down to the house, surrounded by kids asking him questions.

And that's not all we did today. After the last house we got tired of waiting on the shuttle, so we walked down some steep steps. We found ourselves in Mill Valley near Title Nine. I marched right in and bought a flip skirt. Then we found our car and headed to Joe's Taco Lounge where we had tostadas and sangria.