Thursday, May 13, 2010

A dream

Because I did such a poor job of writing yesterday, I made sure to look at today's prompt before I went to bed last night. "A dream." So before I went to sleep, I made a point to remember a dream to write about today. But the dream I had was boring, about joining the American Girl Club (which is weird because I can't stand American Girl, even though Kristin loves it), and then after joining up, boarding a tour bus in front of our house with a little suitcase.

So I'm going to write about dream vacations instead. Yesterday Tom and I were walking and talking about the staycation we've planned to take in the middle of June.

I asked him what his dream vacation would be if we could go anywhere in the world. He said with no hesitation: "First we fly to Boston to see Deb and Eric for a few days." (Deb just broke her leg in several places.) "Then we fly to Iceland for a week, then take a ship to the Faroe Islands where we stay for another week. From there we take a ship to Bergen and rent a car. We drive around Norway and end up in Davik for the summer solstice."

Then he asked me what my dream vacation would be. "Computer camp, where I learn HTML5 and Canvas." He said, "You can do that at home." I said, "Not while I'm working I can't. I would sleep late, spend 4 hours at computer camp, and then go for a walk somewhere where I could find lots of little things to collect." "What kind of little things?" "You know, glass and rocks and plastic. Then for dinner we would order in whatever we felt like." I felt elated all of a sudden. "I guess the place I'm describing is here, where we already are."

I was delighted but I'm not sure Tom was.