Thursday, September 17, 2009


This ceramic is in Mom's apartment, displayed on her bookshelf beside her cache of Molly Ivins' Bush books and another book by some guy named Barack Obama who I had never heard of when Mom first told me about him.

It's Ling, her childhood dog. She made it in school. Aggles, had you ever noticed that she had written his name on the bottom right hand corner? I had never seen that until I spied it in this photo.

All my friends who I seem to be ignoring: it's been a ruff time. Aggles was here all last week dealing with doctors and social workers. She visited Mom and took care of all the paperwork so that this week I would be able to spring her from the psych hospital. Now Mom's back in her apartment at the Terrace. She's sad and confused and asking to go back home (to her home on Forest Avenue–that's where she and Ling lived).