Saturday, August 16, 2008

Perfect Day

What would you do if you didn't have to do any work and could spend the day any way you wanted? I did have to work today. But instead, I did the following:

1. Had my daily morning meeting with The Major. (Peet's Major Dickason, that is.)

2. Washed the plastic I picked up on the beach yesterday. Let it dry on newspaper on the back deck. Arranged it on the bathroom floor.

3. Discovered Tom's old tripod in the closet. Aggles' little Canon Elph screwed right on. The tripod made a world of difference, I found, after trying twenty or thirty times to get the picture square.

4. Saw new Woody Allen movie Vicky Christina Barcelona. Medium popcorn.

5. Made spicy Bloody Mary with fresh tomato juice Tom bought from the farmers' market this morning. Trader Joe's Oriental Rice Crackers are great with it (some are sweet, some are spicy). I'm also eating a carrot for good measure.

To me, this is a perfect day so far. And it's only 8:07.