Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Massive Even When Flaccid

I got an e-mail yesterday and found the subject line so lyrical that it inspired me to write a poem.

Massive Even When Flaccid

by Fredric Raghu

You say my name reminds you of spaghetti.

You love spaghetti and call me Freddy
I like you too.

I cook I boil
And I use oil.
My mezze penne’s overdone, I’m not much fun.

Myself an apple, you a pear
In our cotton underwear
Do I dare
to eat a peach?

Flaccidity and flatulence:
Apples and oranges,
Although they come together at times.

But nowadays I do not fret;
I heard it
through the Ethernet:

I’ll be massive while I’m flaccid!
With this URL
and an antacid.

So gaze on me
But do not touch. And we'll enjoy it
Just as much.

Does a headline in the paper or a piece of junk mail or a sign you see on the street ever inspire you to write a poem? If so, send it to me. In fact, e-mail it to me by next Wednesday, August 13th. If yours is the best poem, I'll publish it and send you a can of spam. All entries judged solely on literary merit.