Sunday, April 13, 2008

3 Smart Business Models

1. Shrewd Merchandising (Above)

Everything is 50 cents, no matter what item you order.

Craftsmanship. Everything is homemade.

No Sweating of Small Stuff. When I ask whether the baked goods are muffins or cupcakes I'm assured they're cupcakes, "Even though they're not iced."

"Did you run out of time?" I ask.


2. Smart Shopping

Be a trooper. Title Nine had a 4-day blow-out sale this week at Fort Mason, where everything was up to 70% off. I went on day one, even though I had to walk from my appointment because somebody had decided it was more important for him to have the family car. I bought a sick-green hooded running jacket trimmed with fake fur for half price. I tried on an acid green pair of Pumas, but decided against them. Even though they were half price, I realized if I bought another pair of shoes, they needed to be "real" shoes. Also, I figured that by day four, prices would be cut again.

Be diligent; know your true price point. I drove back on day four. (f.y.i: That's today.) The acid green Pumas were on top of the pile of size 8's. One pair only, and the price had been slashed. However, all the running jackets with fake fur trim were long gone. I put the shoes in the bag. When you're able to recognize your "true" price point, it doesn't matter whether the shoes are "real."

3. Taxes: Stop Procrastinating

On the way back from Fort Mason, I mailed 2 envelopes. One to the IRS and one to California Franchise Tax Board.

Tom: I bet you were surprised I got the taxes done today.

Me: Delighted. To think we filed for an extension 2 whole days before the deadline to file for an extension.