Thursday, February 28, 2008

Who is Seymour Chwast?

Learning About Diabetes is an organization that Paul Tracey has developed. He needs help with his web site. Would you be interested in helping him?

A little background: he's trying to get information out to people who may have a hard time understanding how to take care of themselves if they have diabetes. They may be really young, really poor, they may not speak English–or they may be just like you and me.

One day Paul saw a picture by Seymour Chwast and thought: "That art is colorful and arresting! It might work for my project; and it would probably give the poor guy some good exposure for his work, too." So he arranged a meeting with Seymour, and it was obvious to Seymour after a few minutes that Paul had no idea who he was talking to. Seymour got a big kick out of this. He must have liked the idea, too, because he subsequently has donated hundreds of pieces of artwork for free.

To see what I mean, go here. Paul wants to make things easier to find on the site, and he has a clear outline for you to go by if you're interested in helping him and Seymour.