Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Keys to a Successful Business Trip

1. Your flights are on time and the seat between you and the person by the window is always empty.

2. You get a shuttle driver who plays the jazz station on the long drive to the hotel during rush hour.

3. You get a down comforter and 7 pillows on your bed at the hotel.

4. Your clients pick you up for dinner. In the car is a huge box of candy for you from Bissinger's. Also, a little box that you can open in the car and get started on right away.

5. At dinner there is no hesitation. They order a bottle of smooth Pinot Noir straightaway.

6. After dinner they take you over to John and Teenuh's house to see their incredible collection of folk art. Including a piece by your favorite artist, Mose Tolliver.

7. Then they show you their house! It's a jewel built in the '50's and subsequently misunderstood, that they've brought back to life.

8. You haven't seen snow in eight years, and when you wake up the next morning, it's snowing!

9. You spend the day at Ranken Jordan, one of the most inspiring places you've ever been. To give you and idea of what I mean when I say "one of the most inspiring places," here's a short list of some of the most inspiring places I've ever been:

1. Sea Ranch
2. Big Sur / Redwood forests
3. Mission Dolores when it snowed rose petals at the Christmas concert

Kids who have had traumatic injuries come to this hospital. Usually they've been released from intensive care at other hospitals, but are still too sick to go home. They range in age from preemies born at 21 weeks and weighing less than a pound and a half, to 21 years. Most live here at least a month. Not only do they get physical therapy–they also get a big infusion of heart and soul.