Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I Found Myself on New Year's Eve

I found myself alone on New Year's Eve. Tom was asleep with a cold. But what an evening! I got my little green XO online. I had taken it to Charbucks earlier in the day. Since a year's worth of free T-mobile service comes with it, for some reason I thought that T-mobile would be the only way to connect. (Big clue to how technically oriented I am.) Well, I had no luck at Charbucks. I couldn't figure out where to begin. Later it came to me that I could probably connect via our own AT&T wireless here at home. I realized that the interface is symbolic in a playful way, more than wordsome or codey. Fireworks! I was able to connect immediately–a great way to end the year.

And THEN ... this morning I decided to try out the ebook mode. I wanted to see if it were true: all this I had been hearing about being able to read it in the jungle in the bright sunlight. I downloaded the first free ebook I could find, and took the XO out in our back yard, which is kind of like a jungle. Soon as I turned off the backlighting, the type turned crisp. (Weird!) I flipped the screen around and flattened it. I set it down in the clover. The sun was shining.
You can also "turn" the book 90 degrees if you want to read in a vertical format. You can make the type bigger or smaller.