Thursday, May 09, 2013


I landed in Bernal Heights an hour or two before writing group and had the best time wandering around this sweet neighborhood.

I hit the children's room in the library, then walked down Cortland. I found a great book on the sidewalk in a box labeled FREE (The Hello Goodbye Window by Norman Juster and Chris Raschka) and stuffed it in my bag. Then I walked on down to Badger Books and looked around, and ducked into Heartfelt: plastic jewelry, friendship bracelets, wonderful socks.

Best of all was dinner at Piqueos, a tiny Peruvian restaurant. I had Sanguchon, a pulled pork sandwich with yam, red onions, and rocoto aioli (spicy!!) along with a Peruvian beer.

At TIAPOS*, Doug brought mahmoul and told a fantastic story about buying the ingredients and making the cookies. He made us dip them in coffee. All in all, it was a great Thursday evening.

*Our writing group is called TIAPOS, which stands for "This is a piece of shit." We aren't allowed to apologize for our writing, but we are allowed to say "tiapos" if we feel like it before we read.